Saturday, May 12, 2012

Date night

Our first anniversary is on Monday so we are celebrating tonight. We're keeping it pretty low-key (sorry no two week trip to Jamaica for us), but I am always looking forward to an excuse to get dressed up!

I went for a dress since its such a gorgeous day (I got this one at target and am absolutely in love with it) topped with a jean jacket - can you tell I am obsessed with my jean jacket, mine is a GAP outlet bargain), and cute sandals a la New York and company.

Of course I've got jewelry too, turquoise Resort necklace and awesome antiqued gold Chantilly earrings. I really dressed it up with an arm full of bracelets - Mali, Milan, and I wrapped the pearl strand from my Resort necklace around my wrist too.

Can I just say I love summer clothes!

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