Monday, November 25, 2013

Awesome resource

I spent most of the day updating our website for work (check it out:, and today I have to say that I am so super thankful for  Honestly, I can manage my way around the computer, blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, etsy selling, I've got it all covered. Creating a website, however, was not something that I was familiar with, and to be honest, it scared me a little. has been the answer to all of my questions. This site not only offered free website hosting, but you can also create your own website using all of their templates and graphics, import your own photos and graphics, and wix partners with other sites to offer "apps". The apps allow me to connect my wordpress blog to the website, stream YouTube videos on the site, and even share Pinterest Pinboards right on our school website. 

The whole thing is a drag and drop format, so it couldn't be easier, especially for someone like me, who wants it my way! There are different packages available, and you can even create and publish your website for free. We opted for the premium package so that we could use and connect our own domain name, but for all of that, plus additional backgrounds, layouts, and apps, we only pay $100 a year. 

If you are in the market for a website check out I absolutely love it!

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