Sunday, April 22, 2012

Daily jewelry combo

I've been selling Premier Designs Jewelry for almost a year now so it feels silly to admit that this morning was the first time it had fawned on me to post my daily jewelry combos. One of my favorite things about Premier that the jewelry is so versatile and I love to mix and match, so here it is - today's jewelry!

First of all, yes, I am wearing jewelry with my sweatpants, I do it all the time. So today's outfit is pretty simple, loose gray yoga pants (they are from old navy, but they are almost 9 years old and I still kick myself everyday for not getting another pair), a white long sleeve t shirt, and one of my all-time favorite layering tanks from the Gap, shoes are pumas and I love them as well!

The necklaces are Grace and Blush. Grace is my absolute favorite Premier piece, and if you ever get the opportunity to attend a Premier Designs Style Session it is the one piece that I feel you owe to yourself to purchase :). I went simple with the earrings, Laura studs, and the watch is the classic Cairo. I had to showcase the rings because they deserve it. The spoon ring is the Vanessa ring and the other is Naomi.

If you aren't familiar with Premier I highly recommend checking out their website at and if you see me post something that you LOVE then I would love to make sure that you get it for free. Premier has the best hostess plan in the country and even if you don't live close to me I can always ship you a couple of catalogues an order forms and we can do a catalogue style session!

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