Sunday, October 17, 2010

Moving day crafts

Yes, you read that title right, and no, I'm not getting crafty with my boxes. I'm putting away all of my stuff in my new place (yay!) and I am so not one for having things that don't go well together, I am also not a fan of things that look sloppy or unfinished. That said, I had to take some time out from cleaning and unpacking to make sure everything looked like it belonged in it's new space.
The major focus for this activity were my magazine holders, which are now at home in my studio. I have had these particular plastic magazine crates since high school, which means numerous labels have been applied and removed, so the fronts are just a bit gross. I took care of that by covering them up entirely with their new labels (which took a whole 15 minutes to put together.

These labels couldn't be easier to make. I measured the front of the magazine holder and cut a rectangle that size from my bright green polka dot paper. The rectangles got inked with a black stamp pad, then I added the purple strips on top. Finally I used my oh-so-wonderful Martha Stewart Crafts scalloped circle punch to cut circles from white card stock, my favorite black Sharpie Pen to write the name of the magazine on the circle, and finally, I inked the edges of the circles. Oh, and then I added a leaf stamp on top for a little extra decoration. Super simple!

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