Friday, May 18, 2012

Chocolate covered what?!

I've heard of a lot of things being covered in chocolate, from the fairy typical - chocolate covered pretzels or marshmallows, to the way out there - chocolate covered bacon anyone? But this one was new to me: chocolate covered potato chips.

It makes sense really, salty and sweet, a little crunchy, but I wasn't sure I could wrap my brain around it, so I had to try it out. Let me just say AMAZING! Seriously they taste like a candy bar, some chocolate, caramel, and a little crunch in the middle. Some tutorials that I looked at showed the entire chip coated in chocolate goodness, while others showed just half of the chip covered. I tried both and in my opinion covering only half of the chip is far superior - you lose some of the crunch when there is so much chocolate.

That's my little rant, I'm sure you've heard enough, so here's how you do it:
You'll need a bag of ripples potato chips (you may want to go with a name brand, I went for the cheap store brand and most of my chips were broken, which earned me some burned fingers after trying to dip broken chips in molten caramel), a bag of caramels, and 16 oz of chocolate bark (dipping chocolate).

Start by unwrapping the caramels and placing them in a small saucepan, when they are all unwrapped add 2 tablespoons of water and heat until all caramels are melted. Carefully dip half of the chip in the caramel and place on a parchment lined cookie sheet (I used a baking mat which worked perfectly) to cool.

While your caramel is hardening chop the chocolate into small pieces and melt - I prefer to melt my chocolate in the microwave, but that's just me. Cover the caramel part of the chip in chocolate (I left a little caramel showing, just to be fancy) and let the chocolate cool - and I promise not to judge you for sneaking a few while working, I know i did!

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