Thursday, September 30, 2010

A chill in the air

Each year I feel compelled to make myself a new scarf. Now, I'm not a knitter, and I would consider myself a beginner crocheter, seeing as I only know one stitch, but I enjoy crocheting because it allows me to sit in front of the tv for as long as I want, while still managing to accomplish something. What was my point?... Oh yes, anyway, seeing as it's beginning to get chilly here in Ohio I finally broke down and bought a new winter coat, and of course the thought of a new scarf planted myself in the back of my head. I was determined not to make another scarf this year, I think I have 12 in my closet at the moment, and yes, I do live in Ohio, but really, no one needs that many winter scarves. However, while cleaning my closet tonight I came across my crochet hooks, and that was all it took, I dropped everything and went out to buy some new yarn. So this is what is currently keeping busy, even though I don't need another project or another scarf, I just can't help myself!

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