Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend accomplishments

I got so much done this weekend, and I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to share the pictures of what I got done, do I show you everything all at once because I am so excited about all of it, or do I save it and dish it out in tiny little pieces so I can stretch out everything that I have to show you????

Becky at farmgirl paints helped me make my decision. Today in her post she was talking about how she is constantly posting pictures of herself, and some bloggers never do. I realized that that's me, I never post pictures of myself, typically because I'm the one taking the picture, but it reminded me that I have a really cute picture that I took this weekend of the boutonnieres I designed for the guys to wear in the wedding, and Aaron and I are in the picture.... kind of:

The framed picture in the background is one of our engagement pictures (taken by my best friend, Amy). This was my favorite picture from the shoot because it was totally natural and not posed, he just stuck his tongue out at me, and I cracked up, but that's typical for us.

Here is another picture of the boutonnieres (I apologize for the blurriness, that's the best I could do with the camera on my phone - thank you Samsung).

I was going for a very laid back, natural, not too girly look. What do you think?

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