Monday, September 6, 2010

Two Words: Wireless Internet!

I swear my life is a million times easier (not to mention a whole lot quicker) now that we finally have wireless at Aaron's (and therefore in my studio)! Needless to say my ipod has been glued to my hand ever since, and I am back to reading blogs religiously (o how I have missed you)!

Some of my favorite bloggers have inspired me to get back to my own, and I really want to turn this little blog of mine around. It is so much easier to write everyday when I share stories and info from all aspects of my life, as opposed to the segment that is my craft - mania. But the title still fits perfectly, because I am, of course, obsessively organized in every possible way.

For example, wedding planning has consumed my free time, so I wanted to share with you what I did this weekend (thank God for three day weekends), so that you can get a picture of how ridiculously organized my brain is.
This all started when I decided that my wedding centerpieces were going to be a collection of randomly assorted vintage glass vases (thank you design_sponge). I had already begun collecting pieces that grabbed me, so I was excited to indulge myself, and I went a little crazy at goodwill, savers, and garage sales. I now have over a hundred and fifty glass pieces in my possession. I was lucky enough to find a florist who is very excited about my vision, and I can't wait to see what she does with it (and now I'm going to plug the very talented Mary Ann at the Flower Basket in Bowling Green Ohio). But she can't give me a quote until she has a clear picture of the number and sizes of the pieces I want to use (entirely understandable). Therefore, the floor of my studio now looks like this:
But it's worth it because I finally feel like I have an understanding of what I have, whew. Plus each piece has a label on the bottom that gives the piece's item number, and the number of the table grouping that particular piece belongs to, and I have corresponding spreadsheets. Is it sad that I'm excited about my spreadsheets?

Plus, after I created a grouping, I took a picture of it, so that I can print the pictures and take them with me when we set up the hall. Here is one, it doesn't look like much now, but imagine it with flowers and candles (in 8 months I can show you pictures of the really thing!!!!!)

It was a little sad how tired this made me, but i definitely felt like I accomplished something!

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