Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall = apples

Fall is in full swing in Northwest Ohio, and September always means apples. Apparently I have caught the bug, because I was ecstatic to start my Saturday morning off with a giant mug of hot apple cider. This was perfect because yesterday was so cloudy and blustery, for the first time, it really felt like fall. This afternoon I revisited the bag of apples in my fridge. I never use all of my produce before it goes bad, and this time I vowed that I would not be cleaning rotting apples out of that drawer three weeks from now, so I peeled some, cut them into chunks, coated them with cinnamon and sugar and baked them for half an hour, viola, yummy baked apples. They were supposed to be dessert, but I couldn't wait, they smelled too good! In a couple more weeks I'll be all about pumpkin flavored everything, but I still have half a bag of apples to use up!

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