Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hard work can really wear you out - who knew?!

I am exhausted! Have you ever gotten so into a project that you literally can't stop? That was my morning. I woke up with the intention of printing a couple books and then binding a whole pile of items, but my attention was caught by the paper design project that I have been working out (without a lot of luck) all weekend. Before I knew it I was cutting out tons of tiny paper flowers.

I worked furiously for hours, I didn't even stop for lunch! So now, I'm not only exhausted, but starving, it's time for me to take a break, but before I do I have to start a new sketch - something outside my window just caught my eye...

Then I promise I'm going to take a break - I need to start planning for my vacation! My boyfriend and I are taking his new camper out for the first time next weekend. We are going to visit his brother and then spend some time in Amish Country. I have been dying to get over there all summer, so I can't wait!

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