Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekly Organizing Tip

It's Wednesday! not usually something to get excited about, but I'm excited to share my weekly organizing tip with you. This is one that I have been using myself, so I promise it works.
Who has too many magazines? Everyone, you know, the old issues you're saving because there was something really cute in that one, and you wanted to try a project from this one. The problem is, you can never remember which issue the article that you want is in, then you have to search through all of them. Plus thos magazines take up a lot of precious space!

My solution is to create a project book or idea book by tearing out only the pages of the magazine that you want and placing them in a three ring note book. I personally have way too many craft magazines, and I love all types of crafting, from crochet, to paper craft, beading, quilting, etc. So my project idea book is divided into sections.

Every couple of months I go through all of my magazines and tear out all of the projects that I think are cute, would like to try, or might want someday. I organize them into groups by the type of craft, and insert them in clear page protectors. Then I place them in my idea book. THis way instead of going through all of my old magazines, I just have to flip to the section that I want and look quickly.

Here are some pictures of my project book:

You could purchase tab dividers from the store or from talented etsy artist ormolu, I just whipped up my own really quickly with some paper, markers and clear packaging tape.

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  1. This is a great post! I have been doing this for the last few years and it DOES save time and space!