Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yay! I leave in just 3 hours for my only real vacation this summer. I mentioned the other day that Aaron and I are taking his new camper to Amish Country for a long weekend. Some may not consider camping a vacation, but I hardly consider this camping. The new camper is 800 times nicer than his old pop up. We now have running water, electricity and air conditioning, not to mention it is ridiculously clean. So no, I don't consider it camping I keep telling people that it is much better than staying at a hotel because I cleaned it myself!

So in honor of my trip I have found some wonderful Amish Country-type items on Etsy for you all to drool over.

I know, it doesn't make sense, the Amish don't even use electricity, so how do they have stuff on Etsy right? Well this first item is not made by the Amish, but uses genuine Amish ingredients. handsatwork make this super yummy looking Amish Cinnamon Loaf using an Amish Starter.

This adorable sunbonnet is available from dewdrophandmades. A few of the items in her store are made by an Amish woman, and dewdrophandmades sells them online for her.
CountryDreaming has listed this photograph, titled Amish Farm Through Sunflowers. My favorite thing about visiting Amish Country is that landscape photos always turn out wonderfully because there are very few power lines.

Finally, this Amish Friendship Bread soy candle is available from lilyladyscreations . I would absolutely buy this candle, I'm adding it to my favorites as we speak. If you have never smelled fresh baked Amish Friendship Bread then you are definitely missing out, and friendship bread has a wonderful story. You receive a friendship bread starter mixture in a plastic baggie from a friend. It comes with specific instructions of what to do with the starter each day, some days you stir it, some days you add different ingredients, and some days you just leave it alone. After 10 days you bake your own loaf using only one or two cups of the mixture. The leftover mixture is then separated into three starters, which you give to three friends. It's a really cute idea, if you remember to check the instructions everyday.

I also appreciate that lilyladyscreations makes soy candles, farmers right here in Ohio grow a lot of soybeans, it's one of the three major crops of this region - Support our farmers!

I hope that you all enjoy these wonderful Amish themed products, I can't wait to share all my pictures when I return!

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