Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Treats

I have been super busy, but I can definitely make time to do Sweet Treat Friday! I have been noticing that the sweet treats I have featured have really reflected what is going on with me currently, and I think that is great because as someone who really loves to bake I can appreciate the idea that there is a treat for every occasion.
I just found out that I get to go to the Ohio State Football game this Saturday, which is a huge deal, because around here, OSU Football is a way of life. I'm not a die hard football fan by any means, but I'm definitely looking forward to the experience, so in honor of my big weekend today's treat is the BUCKEYE!

(Image from BirdMom). These incredible little bite sized candies are like heaven! Creamy peanut butter centers dipped in chocolate, what more could you ask for. They get their name because of their resemblence to the nut of the buckeye tree, Ohio's state tree, however, a buckeye (nut) is poisonous, and a buckeye candy is only bad for you if you eat too many of them (which I have done on a number of occasions!)

Enjoy your weekend, I will post pictures from the game as soon as I have a chance.

On a completely unrelated note, I am so frustrated by issues that I have been having with my printer. I have a wonderful Brother Laser Printer, and I love it, but the toner is incredibly expensive, so I have tried a couple of different options for cheaper toner cartridges. First I ordered a supposedly compatible generic toner cartridge, which of course was not actually compatible, so I had to send that back and I am still waiting on a refund, then I ordered from an online discount ink supplier. Ha this has been a joke, first my ink was back ordered, then they promised they would overnight it, then it got sent ground "by accident" so I am still waiting for it almost two weeks later. I've learned my lesson, next time I'll just go pick it up from Office Max, it's more expensive but the service is worth it!

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