Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sweet Treats!

I know that it's not Friday, but as I will be on the road tomorrow I thought I would share my sweet treats today. I'm going for a camping theme with this one, I love fall camping, It's not too hot, and the evenings are perfect for gathering around the campfire!

We have a great set of antique pie irons that we always take camping with us, they were my grandmother's and you can make so much with them, this sweet treat is one of my camping favorites, and it's super easy. Today I'm making Campfire Pies!

To start, take 2 slices of bread and butter one side of each slice. Open the pie iron and place the buttered side of one slice against the metal pie iron. Top this slice of bread (non-buttered side) with any type of fruit pie filling, my favorites are apple and cherry pie filling. Then place the second slice of bread (non-buttered side) on top of the pie filling, and close the pie iron. The butter helps to keep the bread from sticking to the pie iron. Then you stick the iron in the fire. According to Andrea Meyers at it should remain in the fire for 2 to 3 minutes. Let the iron cool a little, then open it up (carefully!) and voila!

Visit Andrea's website (linked above) and check out some more of her gorgeous photos! I've got pies to make!

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