Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Designs for Fall and Winter 2009!

Before I start I have to apologize again for not having these up yesterday like I said I would - I had some serious printer issues, and we all know that when you are in a hurry everything that can go wrong will go wrong!

Here are my first ever completely original cover designs! These will be available as covers to my planners, wedding books, teacher planners, travel planners, and address books in my Etsy shop ( for the upcoming holiday season. No worries, these are not the only covers that I will have, I will still have the gorgeous covers made with my favorite scrapbooking papers, but the designs that I am introducing right now are done with my own hand drawn images.
The name of the line is "Sass", it's very contemporary, definitely a reflection of my personal style, and they just feel fun:

This is the label for the line. I love it because it incorporates parts of each design!

Feisty is the design that I featured the other day, it is the first one that I finished, and after I got it done I was on a roll! The image on the right is the full cover, while the one on the left is a close up of the embellishment.

Classy is elegant, but still fun, and very flirty. Each flower is attached with a silver eyelet.

Lively is a lot of fun, and a lot to look at! It has a very sweet feel and each leaf is attached with a green eyelet.

Playful is really great because the polka dots make you think sweet and innocent, but the black lace adds a little mischief! This is the design that I used for the travel mug that I blogged about yesterday.

I can't decide which one I like the best, it depends on what mood I'm in, but that's a good thing I guess. Let me know which is your favorite, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Great job. My favorite is "Lively".

    BTW so glad you got something from my post the other day. He must have known you needed Have a great long weekend!