Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keeping Motivated!

I have absolutely decided that the most difficult aspect of having my own business (and working at home) is keeping myself motivated and not letting others distract me. I have lost so much precious time in the last few weeks because I am not able to say no to other people, but also because I find myself getting bored with my work, and there is always something else to do.
I am trying super hard to stay motivated, which is extremely difficult for me, a person who craves instant gratification and has not had a sale in over a week!

But, I have started some new projects, which have really sparked my interest. They say that inspiration comes where you least expect it, and that has certainly been the case. My latest project came to me from doodles that I made when I was bored during my shift in a concession stand at the fair last week. It's amazing what you can do with a scanner. Check out these adorable notecards. The design on the back side is my doodle!

These notecards are for sale on my etsy site (

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