Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love to compete - with myself

Do you ever see something that someone else has done and say "I could do that" ? I do, all the time. Today I had the opportunity to look at some business cards that others on Etsy had designed for their own businesses and I started to compare mine to theirs (I compare myself to other people A LOT my boyfriend will be the first one to tell you that), but in this case it was a good thing because it made me challenge myself.

I looked at those business cards, and I looked at my old business card and I decided that I could do better.
I'm no graphic designer, but I play around a lot, and I spent a ton of time on my computer tonight working on a new business card. Now I do have to warn you that the layout is basically the same as the old one, and the picture is the same, but the background is new and I LOVE IT.

Just so you can compare, I'm going to post both the old one (top) and the new one (bottom):

I love looking at these two pictures next to each other, because not only does my new business card look more professional (and shows off more of my personality) you can clearly see that I have been working on the quality of my photos!

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