Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ever since my very first experience with a vanilla bean frappucino I have loved Starbucks, and since then I have tried many different flavors, experimenting at home to see if it was possible to recreate my favorites. Nothing has ever been as good as what I can get at Starbucks. And yes, I fully recognize that i have become a Starbucks snob - it must be a true, stand alone Starbucks, not an in-store kiosk because those are just not the same. I have drink orders that cannot be repeated, or understood by anyone who does not frequent my favorite coffee shop on a regular basis. But despite the fact that we are currently nearing the end if my favorite time if year - pumpkin spice latte season, I have found myself ignoring my Starbucks gold card, preferring the convenience of my new toy. Why did I not buy this Keurig sooner?! I could've saved so much money, and I'm not just talking the cost of a latte, but gas to get to the nearest Starbucks and back to work is almost 20 minutes out of my way. You live you learn right? And I am learning that I love this machine, and all of the wonderful goodness that comes with it. Whoever created the variety pack is a genius. I love k-cups, and if that is all that I get for Christmas, I will be perfectly happy!

So, did I mention that I love this machine?

And now to the thing that I actually wanted to share with you today, and yes, it is somewhat related to my little rant above.

I have a fairly extensive collection of coffee mugs, this one is my favorite. Of all time. It's from Starbucks (I fully believe their travel mugs are far superior to any others, and I love the designs), circa 2006 - back in the day when I could use my meal plan at our campus Starbucks (and you could buy drink ware with your meal plan as long as it was purchased with a Starbucks beverage - leftover meal plan dollars bought MANY Christmas gifts when I was in college).

As you can see I have designed my entire kitchen decor around this wonderful piece of commercial arty, and I will be devastated if it ever breaks (like the gold Christmas version with the reindeer that I dropped on the cement:).

There you have it. Longest post ever about absolutely nothing!

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