Thursday, August 16, 2012

Right now is the time to shop!

Most people say that you shouldn't shop for clothes at back to school time because fall clothes are just coming out, and therefore not as cheap as they will be in a month or two.

I say fine, don't shop for fall clothes, shop the clearance racks of clothes that stores are trying to get rid of so they can put out the new fall stuff. Look for tank tops to layer under cardigans and t shirts that you will be able to wear well into October (or, if your workplace is anything like mine, all winter long because the heater is so dang hot), you may even be able to find sweaters left from last winter, like the cute striped one I scored at TJMaxx today for $7!

This is also the time to watch your email for deals from your favorite stores, some stores will offer great deals on new stuff, but it is usually just a one-day or weekend sale, so you have to act fast.

I hope you score some great deals like I have!

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