Monday, August 20, 2012


I have a problem - I have become an online shopping addict! In the last week I have purchased all of my Christmas cards, a new pair of boots, a necklace, and a ring. Tonight I talked myself out of a magazine subscription via Amazon, and I am currently contemplating an additional pair of new shoes.

I am blaming the vast majority of these purchases on my lack of self control, coupled with all these wonderful emails that have popped up in my inbox proclaiming "back to school sale!"

While I have been able to justify the purchases that I've made; see recent post on Christmas cards, and to boots are to replace a pair with holes through the soles, the jewelry is to wear to a wedding (and using my Premier Jeweler discount!), but still, it's getting a bit insane. I'm not sure what's worse, my online shopping habit or my lunch-hour shopping habit, it perhaps my direct sales party compulsion. I have a problem.

Wow. This whole post makes me spun like I must have a ridiculous amount of credit card debt. I don't. I promise. Just a case of the "I worked my ass off all summer to earn this money and now I'm gonna spend it" fever.

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