Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I have a secret Fat Tuesday tradition that I'm about to admit. This could be considered hysterical, or just really really sad.

Every year I get up early on Fat Tuesday, drive to my local Kroger store and buy a whole bunch of pazckis. I do have a reason for buying them, every year I take them to school and call it a lesson in culture. After I buy the pazckis I stop at Starbucks, also in the Kroger store, hence the reason that I always buy them at Kroger, and get my coffee.

Coffee and pazckis in hand I load myself in my car and stuff my face with pazcki on my drive to work. Hey, it happens once a year, it's all good right?

This year I am really trying to be good, mostly due to the extra pounds the came from our quick vacation, so I passed on the Starbucks, which is a decision I am about to regret very very soon seeing as I haven't skipped my morning coffee on a workday in hmmm, like 4 years.... This girl is about to have a massive headache, but at least I'll get my pazcki!

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