Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amazing service!

Today I am thankful for amazing customer service. Something happened to me today that never, ever happens, ever. So here's the whole story.

Last Friday I went to the eye doctor for an exam and to order more contacts. For most people this is pretty routine, but of course, not for me. I got a trial pair for a new prescription, which I wore all day Saturday, until I couldn't stand the massive headache any more and took them out. I put them in this morning and couldn't see a thing out of one eye, which is a really bizarre feeling.

So, on my lunch break I ran to the eye doctor's office, I was hoping that the receptionist could look up my chart and give me a different trial. Instead, the doctor took me back, rechecked my prescription, checked the fit, and found me a new pair. And there were a ton of people in her office, so it's not like it was dead and she had all kinds of time.

I was beyond impressed. I didn't have an appointment, I hadn't even called before going in, but they still made time to make sure that everything was how it needed to be, and they fixed the problem. So today, I am thankful to amazing customer service! Thank you!

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