Sunday, June 24, 2012

Great American Pastime

I have not been to a baseball game in years, despite the fact that we have an award winning AA baseball field less than 20 minutes from our house, baseball is just not the sporting event that I would typically choose to watch, I'm more of an auto racing kind of girl - I need a little more energy in my sports!

But we were offered free tickets to a baseball game, and I am so glad we took advantage of them, we had a great time and got to spend the evening with my parents. We enjoyed some serious people watching, great ballpark food, and a couple of really good plays, not to mention fireworks after the game. There is not a better way to get into the summer spirit!

This weekend has been exactly what I needed after a really tough week, a Friday night with the girls and Saturday at the ballpark, now it's Sunday and I am poring my heart into getting one of my quilts done so that I can enter it in our county fair!

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