Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's day gift idea

I know that this is the most popular topic in blog land at the moment, so I'm jumping on that bandwagon, but I promise not to give you a list of 10 cute things your kids can make, you can find that on pinterest!

My dad is ridiculously hard to shop for, if he had his way, we would all buy him obscure car parts on gift-giving holidays, combine that with the fact that his birthday is the week before Father's day, and I'm in need of a lot of gifts at one time for the man that I never know what to get.

Yesterday I had a forehead-smack moment, DUH! Chocolate covered potato chips! I posted a tutorial about a month ago, but here's a picture, quit drooling and go buy a bag of chips, chocolate bark, and some caramels!

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