Sunday, February 28, 2010

A relaxing afternoon...what's that?!

After such a crazy month, there is nothing that I appreciate more than a relaxing Sunday afternoon, although I must admit that I am not totally sure what to do with myself, and I am working to restrain myself from freaking out about the projects that I really should be working on.

I know that I have things to do, that's almost an understatement. But I definitely understand the importance of taking some time out. Yesterday was extremely productive, I managed to post four new weekly planners and update photos for four of my wedding plan books (all can be found at Obsessively Organized on Etsy), but instead of showcasing the work that I was able to finish up yesterday, I think I will stick to the spirit of relaxation and show you a few incredible Etsy finds that celebrate what it means to really relax.

The first item is Dream Balm from Lilith's Apothecary . Not only is it beautifully packaged, but it is also supposed to banish stress - sounds good to me!

The second item is this gorgeous cardigan by Hackwith Designs. The best thing about this insanely gorgeous article of clothing is that it looks super comfortable, yet you could definitely dress it up to go out. I am seriously contemplating a purchase...

Finally, one of my favorite things, slipper boots! My feet are forever freezing cold, needless to say I do not walk around my house without a pair on, these are essential. This pair is by marissaann.

Now, if I can tear myself away from Etsy, I am off to curl up with Eclipse (for the fifth time) and spend the afternoon reading about someone else's drama!

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