Saturday, March 20, 2010

Studio remodel - New pictures!

The weather here has been unseasonable warm, and we have been taking full advantage of all of this time to work outside, which has been perfect considering that the my soon to be studio is nowhere near ready to be heated. So I have some new pictures to share with you.
Aaron finished hanging the drywall today (yay!), and though it is basically still a shell of a building, I am really beginning to see it all come together. Here, check it out for your self!

I have also become somewhat obsessed with decorating my little unfinished space. My latest great idea has turned into an unexpected new hobby, as if I need another one of those. I really want to be able to display all of my supplies, especially the smaller notions and embellishments, in clear containers so that it is easy to see what I have, and I cannot resist unique glass vessels, especially vases and canning jars, so I have begun a collection that is growing rapidly.
I've never been much of a collector, even as a child I didn't really have any collections, but now I can see how they can consume you! But at least my collection of glass containers will be functional. I hope to be able to share some of my favorite finds with you. currently my favorites are the decanters with really unique stoppers, but I also enjoy the simpler milk bottles. I love to check out all of the photos on etsy, search vintage glass bottles and you'll be amazed, but I'm really cheap, so I've been scouring the local Goodwill store. I can't wait to fill them up, but I'm beginning to think that I'll have more jars than supplies to fill them up with!

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