Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My new favorite gift to give (and get!)

I have a pinboard on Pinterest called "I want one!" It's full of random things that I would love to have - I know, the name is soooooo original. At Christmas time my sister was smart enough to check my pinboard before she started shopping, so I received the best gifts that I had forgotten I wanted. Of course now I pin things to that board hopping that she'll look there, so who's the smart one?!

She recently bought me another gift that I had pinned, a Diamond Candle. If you haven't heard of these then you may be living under a rock, but I'll tell you about them because I'm usually the last to know. This company makes incredible candles, the scents are so strong that you don even have to burn them for the candle to make your home smell amazing, but you'll want to burn them every single day because inside of each candle there is a ring, and you have to burn the candle and melt the wax to get to the ring.

Here's the best part, you never know what kind of ring you'll get, it could be worth $10 or $10,000. This is the kind of gamble that I'm wiling to take!

So thank you to my sis, and for all of you that get these from me for Christmas, just act surprised.

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