Sunday, September 23, 2012

What a weekend!

I have a great weekend! Here's a quick re-cap:

Friday night was a quick dinner date with my hubby, then I spent the rest of the cold, rainy evening in my studio putting together a quilt top. I haven't had time to do this very much lately, and sometimes it is so wonderful to be a homebody!

Saturday was football day. We were lucky enough to score Ohio State tickets and we spent the entire day enjoying the OSU football atmosphere and the best chicken restaurant ever!. We got home early enough to get some stuff done, therefore I we were finally able to put together my new tv stand! My living room is sooooo close to almost done!

Sunday is proving to be super relaxing. For example, at the moment (9:30am) I am still in my pajamas, on the couch, with my coffee, watching a bunch of politicians argue with each other. I might go to the grocery store, I might not, we'll see what the day brings!

Here are some photos from my weekend:

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