Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I just got my first peek at Premier's Holiday Gift Collection, there is some super cute stuff in there, but I also saw something new that I can't believe I hadn't thought of.

The cute new De La Creme pearl necklace comes with three different colored ribbons to lengthen the necklace. The ribbons all have their own clasps to make them super easy to use.

I immediately stopped what I was doing to make a set of my own. My ribbons are brown, pink, cream, and black. Each end of the ribbon is tie to a jump ring with a clasp on it. Simpley fold a long necklace in half, attach the clasps of the ribbon to each end, instant new necklace.

Here's a photo of the De La Creme necklace from the new gift guide, and a photo of my version. Love them both!

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