Sunday, July 26, 2009

Go Ahead... Splurge a Little

I made myself a new calendar the other day, I make calendars and planners for a living, so this shouldn't have been a huge deal, but I cannot tell you how excited it made me! I was giddy like a little kid on Christmas, I had to show everyone my new planner. I even have a picture, so you can see it too

This got me thinking, why in the world was I so excited about a new calendar?! I am such a nerd! Part of me knows that I was excited about filling in all of the blank spaces and laying all of my to-do lists out in one spot. It didn't take me long to fill in the first few pages and stock up the pockets. I really do have a crazy passion for organization, something about listing every thing that I have to get done, and then checking them all off one-by-one gives me a feeling of control.

Another part of me realized that it has been an incredibly long time since I have made something for myself. One reason that I was so excited about this planner was that it was something that I made that I actually get to hold onto, I can share it with others, and I get to use it.

This reminded me just how important it is to treat myself every now and then. It has been at least a week since I finished my new planner and I am still excited about it. That little bit of excitement goes a long way. So my suggestion to is is to splurge! Do something for yourself. Little treats have a way of turning your day around, and they serve as a reminder that you are important too.

I am a giver. I would do anything to help others, and to make sure that others are happy, so often so that I sometimes forget about myself, and what makes me happy. One thing that I have been working on is remembering myself, and doing little things for me.

These little splurges don't have to be expensive, and they don't have to take a lot of time. A splurge can be as simple as carving out half an hour to read a book, or trying out a new recipe for dinner. I love making lists, so while I was thinking about treating myself I took a few minutes to make a list of ten things that I love, that are simple, silly things that let me feel like I have really indulged myself. Here's my list:

Take a minute to make your own list, 10 things that you really truly enjoy doing. Feel free to use my list for inspiration, and don't forget, taking time to make the list is great, but you can't just think about doing the things that you wrote down, you have to actually do them!

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