Wednesday, July 29, 2009

End of the Day...Finally

Yes, it is 1am, and yes I am still working, but I made a to-do list for the day and you better believe that I'm going to finish it *yawn*

Really, I don't mind staying up late, I always have been a night owl, and I just have to finish printing one more calendar. It doesn't seem like it would take to long to print just one calendar, but even though I love my printer, my printer doesn't love cardstock, and seeing as that is what I always print on, well you get the picture, lets just say I've gotten really good at removing paper jams. Anyway, I give it about another half an hour before I can crawl into bed.

I really did get a lot accomplished in the last two days. I finished three custom orders and I prepared two calendars and two wedding books for binding, I should be able to list everything tomorrow, and all of my custom orders will be delivered friday.

I should feel good about all of my hardwork, but I still feel like i'm playing catch up. Every time that I finish one item I think of four more that I have to get started on. I'm just a little overwhelmed, and this is even more difficult because the items that I sell are dated. I don't want to have a ton of left over academic planners after school starts, but I do want to have enough to get through the back to school season, but I have no idea what enough is.

I could babble about this forever, but let's be honest, we would all get bored, and my printer is about to be shut down for the night so I am off to bed!

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