Sunday, October 27, 2013

Thank goodness for great quotes

I've been busy busy busy since my last post, how's this for a quick update, I'm starting my very own child care center! I knew that this would be a huge undertaking, and I did not expect it to be easy, but I also didn't expect it to take this long.

I feel like I've hit a brick wall, you know the one, where you begin to doubt everything that you know to be true.  At this point I'm doing a lot of sitting and waiting, which tends to be the case when your become dependent on a state agency (I'm currently waiting approval for a day care license)' and we all know that waiting breeds the worst kind of anxiety.

Ironically, the thing that has kept me going (bedsides my amazing husband, who I swear believes in me more than I believe in myself) is the same thing that I turned to constantly when I found out that I had lost my job, which is what started this whole journey in the first place: quotes on Pinterest.

Some people just know how to say exactly what I need to hear, thank goodness! Here are the two that are sticking with me tonight. Maybe I'll make them my mantra :

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