Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A little bit of this... A little bit of that...

I have attempted a number of different blogs in the past year, most have them have been started in order to try and keep my personal blog personal, and my work blogs work related. Let's just say that I have failed miserably. I end up spending more time on one than the other, and let's just be honest, in many ways, work is personal. So here it goes, I'm just going to mash them both together.

Now for some, this wouldn't work so well, but I'm a preschool teacher/child care center owner, so most of what I do at work is what other people do at home.  I feel like my preschool activities and tips will fit right in on my own lifestyle blog, because even though I don't have kids of my own, I tend to relate to moms more often than not because my days are filled with the same things that theirs are.

One of my favorite resources is teachers pay teachers, and I have made it my mission to try and build their collection of preschool resources. Here is one of the activities on my site that is great for young children who are getting ready for school, and school aged children who might need a review (one pack includes numbers 1-10, another has 11-20) . There are also a large number of free items available for download across the site, and some really great clip art too!

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