Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day 2012

I voted this morning, bright and early. We have a bit of a ritual in our house, my husband and I go to the polls together, which means I get up early so we can make it before her has to be to work. This morning the place was packed! Our polling location is never this busy, not even when there is a hotly contested school district levy (which happens fairly often around here). This getting up early does have one perk, it allows me time to stop for breakfast before work, so I've created my own little tradition. On election morning I get McDonalds for breakfast. Nothing says I love America like the Golden Arches, am I right?!

This sounds fairly insignificant, but you have to understand that this particular splurge is something that or me is usually reserved for one other morning in the entire year - which also happens to be in November - Black Friday!

Here's to Election Day, I hope everything goes smoothly!

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